ZiPPiZAP was founded in Australia by an energetic team of two-husband and wife, Liam and Amy. For years, Liam had been buying his Amy bad, ill thought out Christmas and birthday presents, most of which were sourced from the local hardware store. On the flip side, Amy (the best present giver of them all) was generous (with her time and money) and in Liams eyes, always managed to nail the present brief-no matter who she was buying for!

In the name of changing his ways (with a competitivness to match), Liam went out in search for the perfect 2nd Birthday present for their perfect little boy, Archie. After being in the bicycle industry for over 6 years and a keen weekend cycling warrior, Liam was drawn to buying Archie his first bike. Not a trike, but a bike. A real bike!! After realising that Archie was a little too young for a proper ‘big kids’ bike, he stumbled across THE PERFECT PRESENT!!! It was called a “Balance bike” and little did he know that the journey he was about to embark on would change their lives. It was fabulous, made out of wood and among other things-it would fast track the skills his son needed to ride a ‘big kids’ bike in the years ahead. Liam had done it!! Fun AND a learning tool! This would finally show Amy that he has the ability to buy good presents afterall (and perhaps more importantly, in Archies eyes, crown him number 1 present giver).

Liam couldn’t wait to give the bike to Archie on his birthday that was in a weeks time. So much so, he gave it to him when he got home. Although the nonadjustable seat was a little too high, Archie loved his balance bike. He rode it all day, into the night and in pure toddler form was constantly misplacing his beloved bike around the house and garden. A week after his birthday, Archie left the bike out in the rain. That was the beginning of the end for the poor wooden balance bike. Not long after, It was rammed into the BBQ one too many times and that was it. Archie was distraught. Liam was also devastated, how could his reign as best present giver already be over!? As it turned out he was so close…..yet so far from nailing the perfect present. Thats when Liam had his greatest idea yet, build a balance bike out of metal!!! One with an adjustable seat! One for all weather conditions (rain friendly). And one with individualised personality!  And so ZiPPiZAP was born………..