Balance Bike

The Zippizap is the New Zealands favorite balance bike and the premiere bike on the market. These lightweight, all terrain bikes are made from quality components that are ready for any challenges that a young child may throw at them. Adjustable seat and handlebars means the bikes are suitable for kids aged between 18 months and 5 years. Combine this with the durable, battle hardy characteristics and the Zippizap is able to be past down between kids. Featuring EVA polymer tyres that are maintenance free and never need pumping up, premium sealed bearings and a comfortable seat for kids with or without nappy’s. Now available in 8 funky models to suit every child’s individual character, parents and kids alike will love their Zippizap!!

Mini Scooter

The Zippizap scooter range offers kids aged between 3 – 6, a simple, effortless ride. The 3 wheel design with low deck height improves safety and reduces injury while the lean to steer function means even the youngest kids can experience the thrill of scooting. This unique steering method is controlled by a simple weight transfer in the direction the user wants to travel eliminating the ‘jackknife’ effect experienced with other scooters. Featuring precision low resistance bearings and non marking wheels for an extra smooth ride. This scooter is a great way to help develop fine motor skills and increase co – ordination.

Great bike. Amongst other things I cant believe how light it is. So handy when my son gets tired and needs to be carried. Cheers
My son used to have a wooden balance bike but it broke after about 8 months. Determined not let it happen again did some research and ended up buying a Zippizap. 1 year on and my son still absolutely loves it and rides it every day. Best of all it is showing no signs a breaking down and my younger daughter is now taking steps riding it. Thank you!
So simple yet so effective. My daughter loves riding her zippizap.
J. Penton