The Zippizap is New Zealand’s favorite balance bike and the premiere bike on the market. These lightweight, all terrain bikes are made from quality components that are ready for any challenges that a young child may throw at them. Adjustable seat and handlebars means the bikes are suitable for kids aged between 18 months and 5 years. Combine this with the durable, battle hardy characteristics and the Zippizap is able to be past down between kids. Featuring EVA polymer tyres that are maintenance free and never need pumping up, premium sealed bearings and a comfortable seat for kids with or without nappy’s. Now available in 2 different ranges – ALUMINIUM and STEEL.

See the differences between our balance bike models below

Retail price $149.95 $119.95
3 year warranty Yes Yes
Flat – free EVA tyres Yes Yes
Sealed bearings Yes Yes
Padded saddle Yes Yes
Quick release clamps Yes Yes
Extra long seat post Yes No
Aluminium frame Yes No
Handlebar safety pad Yes No
18 months to 5 years Yes No
Weight 1.9kg 3.1kg